Blois, France

27 nov - 31 dec. 2021

The Anooki in Blois

A ripped tapestry, a completely frozen façade and a delirious choreography: the Anooki dance, sing and take over the façades of the Royal Castle of Blois to offer an explosive, funny and poetic show in a monumental projection.
They escape from the Castle for a journey through the city, with 4 monumental statues and dress the 124 steps of the Denis Papin staircase, in the heart of the city.

©photos: City of Blois, N. Wietrich
©videos: City of Blois and Joël David, Denux production

35,000 spectators
360° in the courtyard of the Royal Castle
10 minutes of show
4 statues deployed in the city
124 covered steps in the staircase