The Anooki light up Zagreb

Their ice pack has melted, the Anooki continue their journey around the world. For the first time, they will stop in Croatia, lighting up the nights of the Festival of Lights Zagreb.
An Inuit kiss on Europe Square or an Apparition on Dolac Market? Join them in Zagreb, from 15th to 19th March 2023.

A turbulent summer in Torun

6 years after their performance at the Bella Skyway Festival, the Anooki are back in Poland, from August 16th to 20th 2022. A pathway punctuated by the emblematic giant luminous statues will guide the public to a new monumental projection on the Collegium Maximum. The Anooki will also perform on their snow globe installed in the center of the Cosmopolis fountain.
Bella Skyway Festival

Bella Skyway Festival

The Anooki take over the royal castle of Blois

During the whole month of December 2021, the Anooki take over the city of Blois. A new monumental projection show in the courtyard of the Royal Castle and a pathway of giant artistic installations in the city center.
27 Nov – 30 Dec : a 10 min. show in the courtyard of the castle, every evening after closing time.
Dec 11 – Dec 26 : 4 monumental couples of 5 to 6 m high in the old town

The Anooki on tour in Asia

Giant Anooki travel around Asia from mid-November 2019 to the end of January 2020. These 6m high light sculptures will illuminate the streets of Ruihong and The Hub Xiandi in Shanghai, then travel to Kaohsiung, south of Taiwan to finish their tour in the mountains, in Chongqing, China’s 3rd largest city.

Fête des Lumières 2018

The Anooki turn the immense Place Bellecour into a small child’s room. For the first time, the Anooki come out of the projection to become giant luminous objects.
This show received the 2018 Trophy of Lights, awarded by the public of the Festival of Lights. (photo: Muriel Chaulet)

Line welcomes the Anooki

Notice to Line users! Since a few days, the Anooki can shake your messages.
To add the Anooki animated stickers collection in your Line app, there you go!


Send Anooki stickers in iMessage

As an iOS user, you can now animate your iMessage conversations with animated Anooki.

In 2013, the Anooki became one of the first collections of animated stickers for Facebook Messenger. Millions of Anooki are exchanged each day in smartphones around the world. The Anooki now join the iMessage app for iOS. To animate your iMessages, follow the guide.

The Anooki enter Mini World !

Miniworld Lyon, the largest animated miniatures park in France, reproduce the most spectacular shows of the Festival of Lights of Lyon in miniature.
Obviously, the Anooki were in the party, with their show on the Opera, awarded with the 2014 Trophy of Lights. For the Anooki, it’s the perfect opportunity to replay the show 2 years later, and to delight the audience again.

Since sept. the 1st, the Anooki are shaking the news on Franceinfo


A shot of animation to drink every day on.

The Anooki, happy climate refugees, invade TV screens, to talk about hot news topics and shake our views of the world.
They’ve just turned up, straight off their pure and disconnected ice field, to find themselves confronted with our hot news topics, played on a loop on our Tvs, radios and notifications on our smartphones.
Being fresh off their ice field, they don’t have our codes and references. They look at the state of the world with their innocent eyes. They make fun of topics that are sometimes serious and tragic. They imitate us clumsily to reveal the absurdity of our world, deluged with information, with fashionable trends, of our over use of digital tools and other ephemerous topics…

The Anooki remain neutral, they’re not lesson givers.
They just bring their amusing vision of the world which is not always fun.

Everyday on Franceinfo TV

Les Anooki light up the House of Ukraine, in Kyiv

Les Anooki illuminent Kiev

The Anooki continue their world tour with sound and light shows!
After Lyon, Dubai, Sharjah, Osaka and Singapore, The Anooki are the guests of Kyiv. They will open the “French Spring”, a month of cultural events organized by the French Institute in Ukraine.
To launch this event, the Anooki will happily wave the House of Ukraine, a massive building, worthy representative of Stalinist architecture, Place de l’Europe, 2 steps from Maidan Square which was the scene of the recent revolution in Ukraine.
This new will be musical, with a surprise: the Dakh Daughters, 6 Ukrainian singers, will make a live performance during the show, mixing their voices with Klimperei’s music and Anooki’s choreography.
Between 25000 and 30000 spectators are expected Saturday, April 2 at 20:30 and 21:30, to attend the show on the facade of the House of Ukraine, Kyiv.

The Anooki in Singapore

At the end of August 2015, the Anooki invaded the facade of the National Museum. The huge facade turned into a new playground during the 10 days of the Singapore Night Festival. A furious dance and 50 blown candles to celebrate 50 years of independence of the country.

The Anooki speak Inuktitut

The story begins with a message from Thomassie, teacher in Ivujivik‘s school, the most northern town in Canada. He suggests us to use the Anooki as a class support with his students.
After some translation exchanges, here is the result: the Anooki in Inuktitut, one of the 4 Inuit dialects, a syllabic language, made of strange signs.
We hope the Anooki will entertain students in the Far North.
We warmly thank Thomassie Magiok and Charlie Kowcharlie for their approach.
Watch it on Youtube

The Anooki in the new Paris bus shelters

Anne Hidalgo, city mayor of Paris, inaugurates the new connected and ecological bus shelters JCDecaux. The Anooki Card app is one of 11 apps selected by the City of Paris to entertain or inform the travellers. You can now send an Anooki Card to your friends while waiting for the bus.

Anooki Nakina

Enjoy and sing the song that made Lyon dance during the last Fete des Lumieres . Special thanks to Klimperei for the music and lyrics!

The Anooki win the Trophy of Lights

The audience has voted for its favorite installation. It’s our 2nd Trophy of Lights, we are so proud and grateful 🙂
Thank you to the city of Lyon, and to CNR for making the dream come true. And hats off to our magic team : Jean-Baptiste Delorme, Xavier Lacombe, Klimperei, Miroslav Pilon, Christophe Gendreau, Stéphane Ourghi, VLS, SBB Diffusion !