Their ice field has melted so they’re travelling the world to spread their message : our planet is precious.

They tour the world with their light & sound shows

The Anooki are the stars of the videomapping shows. Attracted by light, the Anooki invite themselves to cities and transform building facades into wonderful playgrounds. They get their inspiration from the places they’re in, from their architecture and history, to create lively musical shows that are lovely, fun and poetic. They are also stalwart messengers for the environment.
The Anooki are well positioned for observing the fragility of our planet and climate change. Their ice floe has dissolved; they are on the front line in experiencing these climate upheavals.

Spectacle des Anooki sur la place de l'Europe à Kiev

Millions of spectators across the world.

Lyon – Dubaï – Zagreb – Sharjah – Osaka – Shanghai – Singapore – Kyiv – Torun – Hong Kong – Rennes… the Anooki have already charmed millions of spectators across the world.

The Anooki Kiss

Engaging characters

The Anooki are the best of friends. They move around in large coloured spaces. They jump, play, run, laugh, swim, glide, skate, quarrel, sulk, leave, come back, fall, hide, soar, dive … in finely crafted animation, all in sleekness and elasticity, at once realistic, funny, surprising and magical.

Les Anooki déchirent l'Hotel de Ville à Rennes, France


Whether it comes to creating a waterfall or a tearing of a paper effect or trans- forming a window into a touch of light, the outcome is as close to reality as only possible. This choice translates into spectacular effects such as the impression that the front of a building is really ripping off … The simplicity of the graphic design is enhanced by the high technical and artistic quality of the 3D animation.

De l'eau jaillit d'un bâtiment à Dubaï

The building plays key role

The characters are in 2D and drawn. The building is modelled in 3D and is real and responsive. The building and the characters are the only elements to form a story. The architecture becomes the central character and this is what makes each show unique.

Les Anooki tordent le Collegium Maximum à Torun

Spectacular video mapping effects

It is not about creating effects for the effects’ sake. The video mapping is at the service of the story being told. The Anooki play with the building. They twist and tear it, illuminate it and make it come to live, they transform it into a living matter, always with the same intention – to support their narrative.

The Anooki Dancing

Fine sound design & original music

The sonic textures are minimal and instantly recognisable. The Anooki express themselves in laughter and onomatopoeia. The original music composed by Mr. Petch (french “toy music” artist) accompanies the show. This lively music makes people dance and plunge them in a poetic and sensitive universe.

Giant inflatable sculptures

Pathways illuminated by giant duos of inflatable statues – funny, astounding – changing a cityscape into an incredible play space. Like a twosome of urban explorers, they scour the world and transform big squares and facades into amusing little play areas. We meet up with them just around the next corner or building, hitched up there, hanging from above or bouncing off the walls. They dialogue with architecture to positively enhance heritage sites.

Environmental whistleblowers

The Anooki are well placed to observe our planet fragility, and climate change. Their ice floe has melted, they are the first climate refugees, the first to be affected by global warming. So they dance, they sing, tell stories about friendship, make us dream, laugh … It’s their way to enhance public awareness on environmental issues.

The movie, in progress

The Anooki, Our Amazing Odyssey.
An epic initiatory tale for the whole family. A dream of our reconciliation with nature. A big universal post-apocalyptic movie for the generations looking now for new ways.