The movie, in progress

Our Amazing Odyssey

An epic initiatory tale for the whole family, a dream of our reconciliation with nature. A big universal post-apocalyptic movie for the generations looking now for new meanings.

The Anooki seem to be the last humans and go on an initiatory quest around the world.
When they are separated, they continue to marvel at the beauty of our planet but take different paths of survival and even beliefs before ending up on the same island with a few animals.
They escape a tsunami on a continent of waste from the industrial world and live through the up and down of our most recent history. At the edge of the chasm, they finally find back their friendship and survive thanks to the help of nature and animals that accompany them since the beginning of their odyssey.
We celebrate with them friendship including the one we lost with nature, compassion, the gift of wonder, the best of our humanity. As we doubt about our future, we relive our civilization history for a happy ending. With their optimism and humor, the Anooki give us all and our planet some hope for a shared solution.

• Visual techniques: mix of animation and live action
• Genre: adventure tale
• Length: ±70’
• Audience: from 4 to 77
• Budget: tight

Production : AGLAGLA