Lyon (France)

Fête des Lumières 2018

Bellecour, a tiny square for giant dreams

The Anooki have taken on an extra dimension. Place Bellecour is the new playground for these huge characters as this monumental installation turns the venue into a child’s bedroom. The statue of Louis XIV is nothing more than a tiny lead soldier on the Anooki-scale, just like the genuine fire engine that seems to be the size of a toy. Marbles are scattered across the square, illuminated by the rotating Ferris wheel – a Ferris wheel that has been transformed into a nightlight onto which the Inuit dreams are projected every 15 minutes. The images that appear are often just an excuse to conjure up major global causes in a humorous manner – and especially to have some fun by singing and dancing to Anooki’s latest heady hit.

4 days
2 000 000 spectators
3800 #anooki on Instagram
4 x 40k vidéoprojectors
30m A giant screen with a diameter of 30m
2 inflatable sculptures with a length of 20m
2500 sqm of polyesther fabric
40 light spheres with a diameter of 2m
12’ of show
200 yellow jackets

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