Anooki is a timeless and simple but wild and whacky world. Two little white Inuits have a heyday in huge colored spaces. The Anookis are dreamful creatures from the world of ice, an endangered species to be protected.



Nooki is the world’s smallest Inuit boy. He lives far away, to the north of the North Pole. Carefree and jolly, he is a very kind and good-hearted being. But he has one flaw. He gets upset and totally out of hand if he does not eat on time. That is why he organizes things so he is able to eat at the exact same time every day. He sings all the time and very loud. Sometimes too loud and off-key. He has rebuilt his igloo three times to make it even more beautiful and functional. He persists in trying to make grow flowers on the pack ice. One day, Nooki is sure of it, he will succeed! He spends nearly all his time with his girl pal Anook. He is always ready to set out on a new adventure and invent a whole world in bright colours for her.



Anook is the world’s smallest Inuit girl. She used to live to the south of the South Pole. One day, oblivious to the consequences and out of curiosity she decided to move north till the verge of the earth. That is how she bumped into Nooki. She loves to make snow angels and to lap up snowflakes. Ice holds no secrets for her. She slips and slides and spins – she is simply an ace. She tends to grumble, almost impulsively, and she hates surprises. When she quarrels with Nooki, she always needs to be right. Then she feels bad about it and comes around. She is happy and nothing in this world would make her go back south. She stays with Nooki.


From the creators

David Passegand

Moetu and I are both graphic designers and we have been creating together for 15 years. The Anookis were initially our avatars. Today they have a life on their own, but it is difficult not to see in them a part of our personalities since the relationship between these two characters was directly inspired by our long lasting artistic collaboration. After all, what do these two Eskimos do if not create a world of their own on the infinite white of a pack ice? Nooki’s character is very close to mine but we exaggerated his personality traits. He is shy, a bit clumsy and yet full of energy and enthusiasm. He takes risks, quite often without thinking. Anook is a more cautious and circumspect person. Beware though. She is a girl so it is her who decides.

Our friends recognize us in the Anook and Nooki characters. We have tried to deny it, explain that they are not real, a pure fruit of our imagination. But after all, we have to admit it, Anook and Nooki are us! We passed our genuine emotions on to them, our children’s part of our adult hearts.

Moetu Batlle

A couple weeks ago a tweet caught my attention: “Tonight thanks to the Anookis, I am 5 years old again!’’ And all of the sudden I realized what had been guiding me in the creation of this special world and of these two little Eskimos! I like when they make people smile. They do not seek to make people roar with laughter. They bring about simple emotions that make children laugh and adults melt… and strike a pause, go back to a lighter state, to a period of sweet innocence. The Anookis at the Lights Festival in Lyon was an important moment for me. Happy smiles and childlike astonishment of the audience (even though most of them were adult) made me feel my pleasure was shared and multiplied. It was magic!

The Anookis have been a part of our lives for years. We designed them as a logotype to animate the website of our creative agency Inook. Their mission was to represent us (David and me), express our feelings and say ‘’come work with us, we are nice!’’ They are our avatars so they are like us. We have imagined their personalities to resemble us because it was inspiring and made us laugh. They love each other like brother and sister and they depend on each other just like we do in our creative work.

Today we let them live their own life. They have their own names and their new mission is way more ambitious than the first one. We are set to exist in different forms and travel all around the world in hope to spark these unique moments, sometimes funny and ironic, sometimes moving and tender to numerous little ones and the big ones too.

I am truly passionate about this project. I too, thanks to the Anookis, am 5 years old again.

From the producer

Marc Guidoni

In times when large and small screens alike beam and overwhelm us with excessive visual and sound effects, the Anookis grace us with some aesthetic peace and poetry. They are a couple grams of delicacy in this brutal world that soothe our troubled imaginations.

It is a rare chance for a producer to come across such an exciting project, proposed by creators of great talent, so generous and yet humble. Moetu and David are excellent work partners and I am more than happy to accompany them in their adventure.

Orange, Dailymotion and Caribara have already partnered with us on the project. The latter instantly fell in love with it and it is the Caribara studio in Annecy that provides the executive production of the series.

I sincerely hope that the Anookis will leave their homeland to travel and sparkle on screens all around the world.