Free and customizable the Anookis screensaver allows you keeping abreast of the latest news from your favourite websites, checking on the hour, date or birthday of your close ones and celebrities as well as keeping an eye on Facebook and Twitter RSS feeds of your friends.

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Version 7.0 – January 2012 – mac and pc


The Anookis screensaver is clickable. The underlined information is a link. Click the ice cube to go directly to the corresponding page.


Stay in touch with your friends, even during a break! Connect effortlessly your Anooki screensaver with your Facebook and Twitter stream.

Reader RSS

You can add RSS feeds from your favourite websites. The Anookis screensaver is happy to display them.

100 % Free

No bad surprises, no pay premium versions, all options and animations are utterly free of charge.


A dozen of pirouettes, heaps of amusing stunts… Anook and Nooki, two lively little Inuits do 400 and more tricks on the pack ice. Beware! This screensaver is highly addictive and prevents you from touching your keyboard in fear to make the Anookis vanish from the screen.


The Anookis display the date, hour and events. Every day they also remind you of historical events, famous birthdays, and underground events.


Options on the control panel let you easily choose the information you wish to display, pick your colours and connect your stream.