iPhone/iPad games

Simple, elegantly designed and amusing, the games Anooki Jump, Anooki Zag and Anooki Roll immerse you in a very minimalist and compulsively appealing universe for a joyfully additive experience.


Anooki jump

The Anookis jump from one ice cube to another. Each leap tires them and consumes energy. They need to relay to jump higher. This game has been downloaded over 50 000 times already.

Anooki zag

The Anookis run and jump from one ledge to another. They zigzag the fastest they can and catch as many stars as they can. Guide them from one ice cube to another. Try to make the best score possible. Do not forget that for the two your points count double. Set free the second Anooki when you cross him/her.

Anooki roll

The Anookis try to catch stars while they do their best to avoid big ice cubes the winds blows in. Guide them from one screen corner to another and try to stay on as long as possible. Catch the bonus to improve your score!